A complete range of coolants and lubricants are stocked at our Birmingham office to support all types of sawing and cutting application. We are an authorized distributor for the Morris Lubricant.

Unison Edge Plus
When mixed with water Unison Edgeplus forms a stable milky emulsion which can be used in most conventional machining operations. Unison Edgeplus is a cost effective product that exhibits excellent corrosion protection and exceptional service life for a conventional fluid of this type.

High content provides excellent machining performance.
Low foam.
Extended sump life.
Multi-metal compatibility.
Excellent corrosion inhibition.
Excellent lubricity.

A micro-emulsion, biocide protected, water soluble cutting fluid that forms a very stable emulsion, even with hard water. Supercut EP5000 has a specially balanced formula for circular and band performance saws, giving good swarf clearance, whilst extreme pressure components optimize saw tooth life and reduce flank wear. Supercut EP5000 is suitable for sawing all ferrous metal through to tough stainless steels. It is non-staining on most cuprous and aluminium alloys.

Multi-metal compatibility.
Excellent hard water stability.
I deal for production saws.
Extreme pressure.
Non-staining on copper.

We also offer a solid wax lubricant stick, which is excellent for sawing and non sawing applications. Extends tool life by keeping tools cool at cutting points. Use at regular intervals.

Earth Welfare Products
A range of biodegradable products designed to reduce environmental impact.

Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a pale20amber liquid derived from natural vegetable oils blended with performance enhancing additives. It has low toxicity and is readily biodegradable.

Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a specially balanced formulation for use through metered mist air equipment to ensure economical lubricant utilization and eliminates fluid loss associated with flood coolants. It has a high affinity to metal surfaces giving superior adhesion and on contact, the airborne droplets cling to minimize back scatter.

Features / Benefits
Extremely Economical.
Non-toxic lubricant.
Readily Biodegradable.
Solvent free.
For critical component manufacturer.
Chlorine free.

Other neat oils and eco friendly products are available.

Technology, Quality and Performance
An unbeatable combination of skill and experience over 130 years of continued development. Serving Britain and the world with one of the most extensive ranges of advanced performance lubricants and greases available today.

Whatever the industrial lubrication application, the chances are it will be familiar to the Morris Technical Department and the Company will have an effective solution. From hydraulic oils to gear oils, compressor lubricants to pneumatic tool and airline oils, the Morris range of industrial lubricants is both extensive and effective.

Continuous Quality Improvement is a cornerstone of the Morris business philosophy, particularly applicable to the industrial lubricants rangeā€¦ the unceasing quest, not only to develop new products but to enhance the performance of existing formulae to make best use of the latest technologies and materialsā€¦ to the benefit of the customer.

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