Low Rockwell
Manufactured from HSS in a bright finish but with a lower hardness of 57 - 58 Rockwell. To be used for cutting aluminium and plastics where more teeth are required to improve finish and quality of cut. Not to be used for steel cutting.


Steam Oxide (DM05)
These circular saw blades have a standard hardness of 64 - 65 Rockwell and are used for general purpose cutting of all materials including non-ferrous.


Cobalt (EM0C05)
These circular saw blades have the same hardness as Steam Oxide but have a greater resistance to wear with an 8% cobalt content for cutting more abrasive materials such as stainless steel.


TIN Coated
Titanium nitride circular saw, gold in colour. This PVD coating increases the surface hardness to 2300 - 2500 (HV 0.05) Can be used on all materials including stainless steel.


TICN Coated
Titanium carbonitride circular saw, blue / purple in colour. The main advantage of this PVD coating is the increase in surface hardness 3000 (HV 0.05) and much higher resistance to abrasion in comparison to TIN.


TIAIN Coated
Titanium aluminium nitride saw, purple / grey in colour. This PVD coating is an extra tough treatment that allows higher machining rates with a minimum of cutting lubricant and in some instances dry cutting. Hardness 3500 (HV 0.05) Also available in (EM0C05) Cobalt.


For sawing all metals up to a hardness of 900N/mm. Consists of hardened toothed segments riveted to a flexible body. Saw segments can be replaced if damaged.

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